Closing out the year with a plug and a plea

June 2022

A book sees the day!

May 2022

On choosing where and how to look.
On trends, boats, and pirates.
Colds and flowers, bans and books, rain and anniversaries.
In which I apologize for a small eternity of radio silence (the radio was at the bottom of an ocean, with a toddler and a book deadline and some kind of…

December 2020

Enjoying the whizzing sound of 2020 passing by.

November 2020

Why it’s okay just to dip in a toe. Plus Iranian poetry and a recipe for apple cake.

October 2020

Queues, street meat, seasonal-vegetable imperialism, the best hand cream
On chaos, art, and fantasy.

June 2020

A break, for now.
Taking to the streets against racist violence, 103 years ago. And again, in spirit.